Oxford University Press aims to make its websites accessible to the widest possible audience. We try to be standards compliant and follow the general principles of usability and universal design.

MyMaths is committed to this aim. As such, we are continually improving the accessibility of our service. One major programme of work has been to convert MyMaths content so that it no longer requires Flash.

Moving away from Flash

As part of our work to move MyMaths content away from Flash, we have been making improvements to accessibility in our homework tasks, lessons, and worksheets. The following has been applied on each homework task, worksheet, and lesson that has been converted from Flash:

  • Improving initial page focus and tabbing order to aid keyboard navigation;
  • Discontinuing use of colour as a sole marker of distinction between items on a page and heightening contrast in images for colour blind users and those with visual impairments;
  • Removing unnecessary iconography.

These updates have been rolled out gradually. Homework tasks and worksheets labelled as ‘Ready for tablets‘ in MyMaths will have gone through this process.

As of January 2021, all content on MyMaths and MyiMaths is now completely Flash-free.

Removing the dependency on Flash enable us to make further improvements in accessibility.

Colour overlays

When you browse MyMaths, free colour overlay desktop browser extensions such as Google Chrome Overlay will work on selected pages such as our login pages, content library, and student portal. These extensions will also work on the homework tasks, lessons, and worksheets converted from Flash. Lessons also have a colour overlay option included in the player menu.