January 2021 update

The content on MyMaths and MyiMaths is now completely Flash-free. Thank you for bearing with us as we worked to convert all our content.

December 2020 update

As you may be aware, Adobe announced some time ago that they will be withdrawing support for Flash Player at the end of December 2020. MyMaths was originally built in Flash, and some pieces of content are still Flash-dependent.

We have put together two spreadsheets (one each for MyMaths and MyiMaths) detailing our plans for each individual piece of content that is still Flash-dependent at the time of writing (09/12/2020). As you will see, we have already provided alternatives to many of these and we have set plans to replace some others.

Over 20 games will be retired from each platform when Flash reaches end-of-life. The concepts that these games address are comprehensively covered in the wide range of MyMaths/MyiMaths learning materials. Also, the latest games that we have launched continue to focus in on specific mathematical concepts, presenting students with greater opportunities for demonstrating success in maths.

Click here to see the list of MyMaths (UK) content affected.

Click here to see the list of MyiMaths (non-UK) content affected.