We’re here to support you – wherever you teach. You can find advice and tools below to help you and your students should your school be affected by Coronavirus.

The DfE have released a list of remote education expectations for schools in England. Please click here to see how MyMaths meets these requirements.

User management

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Adding students and creating classes

Use the Teacher Dashboard to add new students and create classes.

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Creating parent letters and emails

Create letters and emails to send to parents, carers or students. These are an easy way to communicate student login details.

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Resetting passwords

You can reset individual students’ passwords through the Admin tab in the Teacher Dashboard.

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Messaging students

Send messages to your students in the Results tab of the Teacher Dashboard. (Available for Secondary MyMaths only).

Resources and homework

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Curriculum Selector

Use the Curriculum Selector tool to display MyMaths resources in accordance with your chosen curriculum.

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Set homework to your students and use the reporting tools to track their progress. You can also share tasks with students in Google Classroom and Microsoft Teams.

Further support

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YouTube playlist

Find quick hints and tips on our YouTube channel.

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Book a support call

Book a call with a member of our team who will be able to answer any questions you may have about MyMaths.

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Technical support

Ensure that you have all the necessary tools and settings to access the MyMaths website. Remember to pass this information on to parents.

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Need more support?

We’re here to support you – wherever you teach, wherever you learn – Please contact your local rep to find out how we can help.