The quickest way to create a new class is to import your students in a .csv file.

First log in to the Assessment Manager. Go to the Admin tab.

Click Download spreadsheet template.

Fill in the downloaded spreadsheet, including class, forename and surname. Please do not change any of the column headings. Save your .csv file.

Go back to the Assessment Manager and click Import a spreadsheet. Find your spreadsheet in your network and open it.

You will see this window if your import has been successful. If it was unsuccessful, this window will tell you what needs to be changed.

You will now see your new class listed under All Classes.

Your students’ usernames and passwords will be created automatically by MyMaths. Click on your chosen class to view these for each student.

If you prefer, you can also create a class manually. Go to the Admin tab of the Assessment Manager and click Create new class.

Type in your class name and click Create.

You can then create new students for this class using the Create new student button, or transfer them from another class using the Transfer students button. Students can be a member of more than one class.

Want a step by step tutorial? View our video walkthrough.