MyMaths has thousands of resources to meet a variety of needs. This page describes the main resource types and where to find them within the MyMaths menu structure.


The Library area is arranged into strands and topics relating to your chosen curriculum. The core resources within the Library are lessons, homework tasks and videos.

  • Lessons on MyMaths provide students with a source of reference, for reviewing concepts and methods, catching up and revision. Each lesson provides a combination of explanations, interactive examples and practice for students to work through. Many teachers also use the interactive demonstrations, activities and question generators as part of their front of class teaching.
  • Homework tasks are a source of ready-made online homework and practice. Each homework task provides two or four pages of automarked questions on a specific topic. Questions are randomly generated so students can repeat a task for additional practice, and each task is paired with a lesson so that students can easily find help. Homework tasks can be assigned by teachers or accessed for independent practice by students.
  • Videos are also linked to specific lessons and homework tasks to give students an alternative source of reference when they need help.

Booster packs

Booster packs are curated sets of resources for revision and assessment. Each booster pack is targeted at a particular age or grade within a given curriculum or qualification.

  • Secondary MyMaths includes five booster packs for GCSE 9-1, each one tailored to a different grade target. For KS3 there are booster packs for years 7, 8 and 9 tailored to the White Rose scheme of learning.
  • Primary MyMaths includes booster packs for each of Years 1 to 6, matched to the end of year objectives of the English National Curriculum. At KS1 there are also booster packs tailored to the White Rose Number blocks, and at KS2 a Times Tables booster pack and a booster pack for SATs revision.

To check all the booster packs that are available for your chosen curriculum, select Booster packs or Revision and assessment from the left-hand navigation. The core resources within the booster packs are worksheets and revision lessons.

  • Worksheets are similar to homework tasks but each worksheet provides a range of auto-marked questions across a topic, for revision or assessment.
  • At GCSE, worksheets are paired with revision lessons to provide students with a summary of key facts and scaffolded exam prep, including problem-solving and reasoning.

Booster packs can be assigned by teachers or accessed independently by students.


Activities like Pairs and Linking lines can be used front of class or individually as starters or for a quick check of understanding during the lesson.


There is a range of games available on MyMaths, each one designed for students to consolidate a particular maths skill in a fun environment.


Teacher tools are designed for teachers to use front of class to demonstrate a concept.

Questions on MyMaths

Across the MyMaths content there are tens of thousands of automarked questions.

Many of the questions test fluency, but there are also questions testing problem-solving and reasoning. Students are sometimes given scaffolding to provide their response, or they may just be asked to input their final answer. You may wish to ask for working in books to support longer answers.