Step 1: Log in

There are two log-in levels in MyMaths. First, use your school’s log-in details to access the main content library of MyMaths. As a teacher, you then need to log in to the Teacher Dashboard area to set up your class, using your ‘teacher log-in’ details.

Step 2: Set up your students’ accounts

Go to the ‘Admin’ tab in the Teacher Dashboard and select ‘Download a spreadsheet template’. This will download a CSV template with details of how to add classes and students to your school’s MyMaths subscription. Once your CSV is ready, click ‘Import a spreadsheet’ from the Admin area. Once this has imported, all classes will be loaded and all pupils will appear.

View step-by-step instructions here.

Step 3: Share your students’ log-in details

When students are uploaded, their individual usernames and passwords are automatically created. You can share these details using MyMaths generated parent letters. View step-by-step instructions here.

Students can then log in using their ‘My Portal’ log-in details.

You can check or change a pupil’s password at any point. See how here.

Step 4: Start allocating homework

One of the MyMaths features most valued by teachers is the ability to quickly assign homework activities to students as individuals or class groups. Once a student completes an activity you have assigned to them, it is automatically marked and the results are recorded for you to keep track of pupils’ progress in real time, whether you’re at school or at home.

See step-by-step instructions here.

You can also use the Teacher Dashboard to leave comments for your students. See how here.

Step 5: Check your students’ results

Once your students have completed a MyMaths activity that you have assigned to them, their results will automatically appear in the Teacher Dashboard.

The Results tab is useful for tracking students’ progress, quickly identifying areas for targeted intervention, and for downloading reports.

Find out more about results and reporting here.

Further steps

Go to our advice page on using MyMaths for remote teaching.

Book a support call with a member of our team for one-on-one support with setting up MyMaths.

Download one of our PowerPoint presentations to use in staff training sessions for an in-depth introduction to the various resources available on MyMaths. Click here to download the presentation for primary schools and click here to download the presentation for secondary schools.