You can change the minimum pass mark when you set a Homework or Worksheet task.

How will students see the minimum pass mark?

After you set a minimum pass mark in a homework allocation, students will be informed of the pass percentage they need to achieve to complete the task. If a student does not meet or exceed the pass mark, the homework or worksheet will not leave their Homework list and they will be informed of this when they submit it.

Note, a homework or worksheet result will only register if over 0% is scored, so there is a default minimum pass mark of 1% applied to every allocation.

How to set a minimum pass mark

When setting a task you will notice ‘Minimum pass mark’ under optional. Here you can either type in the exact percentage you wish to set within the input box or choose from one of our quick selection buttons. Note that colour boundaries shown here and in the Results section relate to the score achieved, not to whether the pass mark was reached.